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Adult Grilled Cheese – America’s Next Great Restaurant – Rip-Off

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The grilled cheese restaurant idea on the television show America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC is a blatant rip-off of an existent chain called Chedd’s, located in Denver Colorado. The America’s Next Great Restaurant contestant, Eric Powell, claims that he has been working on this idea since 2004: “How long have you been working on bringing Meltworks to reality? A long time — too long in fact (I’m sooo ready to be open for business). I had a seed of the idea as far back as 2004, but didn’t really consider it as a project until 2005. I started working on it myself in early 2005 and wrote a draft of a business plan. This process caused me to realize that I knew virtually nothing about the restaurant business and that I had to educate myself on the business and find some experienced help.” Here’s a link to the whole article: A quote on NBC’s own website states: “Powell’s plan of attack came during a drunken brainstorm with best friends, to liberate them from corporate misery. They decided on a concept based around the simple idea of the grown-up grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of wonder bread and Kraft singles, Meltworks features the use of top-notch ingredients like Gruyere, fresh veggies, all-natural meats and freshly baked breads.” The fact is, this is a stolen idea. Not original in any way. A restaurant chain called Chedd’s, based in Denver, Colorado, has been in business since 2003. Refer to this article for more: I hate

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Assemblymember Allen Helps Mom in Fight Against Dirty Fast Food Playgrounds

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(Sacramento) — The playgrounds at fast food restaurants may not be as safe as they look. A mom on a crusade swabbed a Northern California restaurant playground and found “high levels of bacteria… and the likely presence of E-coli and STDs.” California State Assemblymember Michael Allen (D-Sonoma County) agrees something needs to be done to protect our kids from these harmful infections. That’s why he authored AB 1513. KOVR 13 News in Sacramento featured the story. Learn more in this Assembly Assets Video.

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