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iOS 5 (Android Rip-Off?)

Wigley99 asked:

This is basically what was going through my mind as I watched Apple’s promotional video for their latest update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iOS 5. I know that I’m not the only person that can see that Apple just copied directly from Android and Windows Phone, there’s no denying it. I hope that this video can create an obvious visualisation of the features so blatantly stolen from their competition. “Lots of people buy iPhones. Therefore they are good.” – There are more flies than humans, and the vast majority of their time is spent eating faeces off the ground, maybe they’re onto something as well? You should give it a try. “iPhones cost more, therefore they are better/You just hate iPhones because you can’t afford one and are therefore jealous.” So the best app on Apple’s App Store was “I Am Rich” because it costs $999.99 and did NOTHING? I would have no problem acquiring an expensive device if I so chose, but I do not desire an iPhone at all, I am quite happy with my Galaxy S for now, and I plan on upgrading to the next best smartphone next year, which is likely to be the Galaxy S 3.

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