Chris Hanson Files – Air Duct Cleaning Scams Part 2

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MSNBC’s Chris Hanson uses hidden camera’s to catch a local air duct cleaning company in the action. There goal is to uncover “Bait and Switch” tactics that are giving reputable Air Duct Cleaning business’ across the united states a bad name!

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25 thoughts on “Chris Hanson Files – Air Duct Cleaning Scams Part 2

  1. CanadianLoki76

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    I believe, that probably 25-50% of all companies are in general frauds or commit SOME fraud on a daily basis in USA.
    Why cause that is how it works in USA, anything for money. The whole country is based on selfishness and getting the “America dream”, they use people, since most don’t know shit about ducts, drains, pipes, carpentry, buildings etc etc.
    Same in finances.
    When Governments actually allow TV-commercials that is CLEARLY get rich quick frauds to perpetuate, well there is your answer.

  2. Max Jordan

    Pro Audio

    This sort of thing happens in various forms all too often…demand money from someone whilst brandishing a weapon and the perpetrator goes to jail…demand money from someone through fraudulent acts such as this and the perpetrator often gets away with it…

  3. Grasshopper80s4ever

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    Don’t look for cheap labor you get what you pay for . I own a landscape company and just this year we were underbid by a ya-who on a retaining wall .He bid the job for 600 . When I ran my bid the materials cost over 700. This last week I got a call from the customer asking me to come look at this ya-who’s work . He used half rotted timbers , 3″framing nails , no cloth , & no drain stone. The wall had fallen over and half his lawn was washed out by the rain .


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