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Is it legal to offer employees a voluntary program in lieu of overtime pay?

meee asked:

I have been trying to find this on the DOL website for a while with no luck.

Could a company offer a voluntary program to their employees where for each hour of overtime worked in a pay period the employee could opt to have it put in as paid time off (ie extra vacation and sick days), in lieu of paying the overtime?

I understand that to force an employee to do this would violate the law, however as part of a voluntary program, would it be considered acceptable?

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Overtime pay?

hil306 asked:

I am a corrections officer for the state of Texas and we have to work 240 hours of overtime without getting overtime pay. Once we complete the 240 hours then the state must pay us any overtime after that. What constitutes this to take affect, and how long can the state keep this in effect? there are a lot of correction officers that have completed their 240 hours and they are kept from working overtime even though it is greatly needed and on a voluntarily basis. Is the agency using loopholes?

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Can my company not pay me overtime if they have a weather related closing resulting in less than 40 hrs?

steve23ny asked:

I work 40 hours monday-friday. Saturday is time-and-a-half. If my company closes for a weather-related reason, can they deduct my over-time pay? I wont lose a days wages for the closing, but I will lose my overtime pay for the Saturday. Can they only pay straight time if they decide to close for a day?

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Should I get overtime pay coming in early to boot up my computer?

Joe K asked:

I am an hourly employee at a call center. We are asked to come in a little early to boot up our computers and be logged in on the phones by time our shift starts. This can be 10min before our shift starts. Are we entitled to overtime pay for the extra time we come in early to boot although we don’t actually start working until our shift starts? I am in Florida. Thanks!

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Am i entitled to overtime pay as a nanny?

lachi asked:

I work 45 hours a week, M-F. In my contract agreement I receive 1 wk paid(only work 3 days) paid for Thanksgiving and the day after. I am an hourly employee who gets overtime for anything over 40 hrs. When overtime is included it’s over $150 more a week! The question is am I entitled to overtime pay when being paid for an entire week(because normally I would get it anyway); if I did work the entire week.

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What are the laws regarding overtime pay?

Hillbilly Lily is 2 years old! asked:

Ive tried reading the laws but their are so many exceptions i dont understand it.
I work for a small family owned retail business in Michigan. I work tons of overtime but he doesnt pay time and a half for over 40 hours. Ive been working 50-55 hours a week. Is this particular business under michigan law for overtime pay?

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Is it legal to charge overtime rates but not pay overtime to your employees?

Bibliophilia asked:

My employer just won a bid on a job where I will be working a night shift. They are charging the customer our overtime rates, but apparently won’t be paying the employees overtime pay. I was wondering if this is legal or not, it certainly feels unethical but I can’t determine if it is actually illegal. I live in Washington State, I’m not sure if this makes a difference or not.

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