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Should I get overtime pay coming in early to boot up my computer?

Joe K asked:

I am an hourly employee at a call center. We are asked to come in a little early to boot up our computers and be logged in on the phones by time our shift starts. This can be 10min before our shift starts. Are we entitled to overtime pay for the extra time we come in early to boot although we don’t actually start working until our shift starts? I am in Florida. Thanks!

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Am i entitled to overtime pay as a nanny?

lachi asked:

I work 45 hours a week, M-F. In my contract agreement I receive 1 wk paid(only work 3 days) paid for Thanksgiving and the day after. I am an hourly employee who gets overtime for anything over 40 hrs. When overtime is included it’s over $150 more a week! The question is am I entitled to overtime pay when being paid for an entire week(because normally I would get it anyway); if I did work the entire week.

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