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Does walmart pay for any uniforms we are going to have to wear?

connie h asked:

I woek at a walmart store and we are going to the uniforms after the first of the year. I was told that they were going to give us a $15.00 voucher for one pair of pants and we would have to buy our own shirts. Then someone else said that there is a site that says that walmart would pay for one pair of pant and two shirts. Does anyone know anything about it?

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Ga Girl Fights Off Kidnapper at Walmart

AssociatedPress asked:

A 7-year-old girl remembered her stranger danger training and was able to get away from a man who tried to abduct her Wednesday at a Walmart store, police said. Subscribe to the Associated Press: bit.ly Download AP Mobile: www.ap.org Associated Press on Facebook: apne.ws Associated Press on Twitter: apne.ws Associated Press on Google+: bit.ly

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