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Resolved Question: What constitutes sexual harrasment in the work place?

There has been no physical activity. I’m sure there is a grey area, nothing is black and white anymore. Anyone else out there ever experience questionable behavior from there boss? Oh and I guess I need to know how to prove it also. He is constantly( everyweek) inviting me to go places , like out for a beer, dinner, to the lake on his boat with him (I’m married), when I decline he shows his irritations in the work place, at one point he stopped talking me at all. John W, I don’t want to falsly accuse, that is why I’ve asked the question. Mike, No I’ve never came right out and said that I’m not interested, i guess I assumed that after 2 years of not once taking an offer from him he’d get the hint. Yes I have a witness, my witness has just resently told me that when i was hired, my boss set him and another worker down in his office and said this ” I’m hiring a cute girl, neither of you are allowed to F her either” If I would have known that I would never have excepted the job offer!!!!! OH and he was at my wedding so he is fully aware that I am married.