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How much does WalMart pay, and what electronics positions are there?

FlyATL asked:

A new WalMart is under construction not far from where I live. I currently have a job that I have had for 2 years now. I work at an Office Depot Retail store as a Technology Specialist. I am an all-around trained employee. Cashier experience, print center experience (I know they don’t have stuff like that there), Technology sales, stocking/merchandising/pricing, planograms, etc. I know a lot about pretty much all of the electronics they sell. I want to keep the Office Depot job for a while…but I want to get a part-time job, to generate a little more income. I’m wondering how much they’d pay me for my knowledge/experience, starting out? Any possibility of starting out as an electronics supervisor, provided that they even have one for that department? What positions are available in it? Just associate (does everything…stocking, pricing, etc.) and supervisors?

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Microsoft, the Rip-Off Experts | The future of Gaming sucks

TheGUNNShop asked:

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