Jeb Bush: Eliminate The Federal Minimum Wage

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At an event in South Carolina on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked whether he thinks the country should raise the minimum wage or whether the wage should be left…

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25 thoughts on “Jeb Bush: Eliminate The Federal Minimum Wage

  1. Sami /

    my wife

    lol, America is such a shit hole. As if your crappy minimum wage wasn’t bad
    enough, now you’re literally going to work for a dollar an hour.

    Jeb Bush will win the election in 2016, I guarantee it.

  2. Avi Kota

    Snow Leopard

    Safety Regulations: Good
    Health Regulations: Good

    Minimum Wage: VERY Good (read up on slave wages in Africa and South
    America- it’s horrific)

    Vacation Days: Good
    Unions: Awful

    Government is supposed to protect the working class (by creating good
    regulations and a solid minimum wage), not let them run other peoples’
    businesses into the ground:

    Exhibit A: Motor City
    Exhibit B: Public Education
    Exhibit C: Money in Politics

    You Liberals think that money in politics is bad, right? So do I. We all
    know that money in politics corrupts democracy. But the Koch brothers
    hardly spend a FRACTION in lobbying when compared to mega Unions. Look it

  3. Dane Alaska

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    Its amazing how much the republicans hate the working class. If it wasn’t
    for the working class breaking their backs everyday these morons wouldn’t
    have a dime, and they would actually have to get a job themselves. We
    really need to have a national “sick out” day just to show these idiots who
    actually DOES all the work in this country. The working class and the
    middle class need to join forces and show these people how they actually
    make their money. 

  4. Mark Kempton

    highest mpg

    I’d never vote for a Bush, but removing the minimum wage altogether is a
    great idea.

    Let people with low skills find jobs. Stop forcing them to be unemployed,
    and then trying to hide statistics on how bad unemployment is by reducing
    the size of the “labor force”.

  5. G. Reid

    reverse mortgage

    What an asshole. Yeah, let’s go back to the late 1800’s – the Gilded Age –
    where businesses paid their workers like 15 cents per hour (because that’s
    what conservative assholes say they’re worth) and worked them well beyond a
    40 hour work week. If Jeb Bush is a fan of slavery, then he should just say
    it. There’s a reason why we have a federal minimum wage. He needs to study
    US v Darby, again. Let the private sector establish its own wages and I
    guarantee people will regret it.

  6. SnakeGTX

    half price auto

    Jeb Bush, is actually 100% correct. I’ll do the explaining.

    When minimum wage is raised, this causes the production price of employers
    to raise. Of course, the employers have to compensate. There are two ways a
    employer can handle this, or compensate.

    (1) Raise the price of their product.
    Might not seem to bad, but now, anyone who buys that product is just that
    much poorer; before the raise in minimum wage, he could buy that product
    cheaper and have money left over to spend somewhere else, now he has that
    much less. This causes the standard living of the people to be more
    expensive; consumers now buy less with what they have. This Is Inflation.

    (2) Fire employees.
    Causes, unemployment.

    This doesn’t just hurt the consumers, this hurts the businesses too.
    Because of the higher price for that product, the consumer will do one of
    three things.

    (1) They will just not buy it. Less business for the business.
    (2) They will find a substitute. Still, less business for the business.
    (3) They will buy less of it. And yet, less business for the business.

    The end result, is a lower standard living for the people, and

    Note: Thank you “Economics In One Lesson.”

  7. Matt R


    Wages rise with productivity, not by artificial wage mandates. Yes Kyle,
    making it more difficult for high school kids in poor communities without
    higher education prospects to get jobs is anti poor… 

  8. voodoopriest100

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    I read the article, and watched the speech, can someone please point out
    where he used the word “eliminate”? He actually said the opposite of what
    the media is saying he said. It’s TOTAL bullshit. He made it clear that the
    current minimum wage will stay the same but that any further increases in
    that, should be between the states and the businesses within those states
    to come up with ways of increasing wages based on their own distinct
    economic circumstances BECAUSE a one size fits all minimum wage hike from
    the federal level mandated on states could be disastrous at local levels.
    HE’S RIGHT!! You don’t have to be a genius to get that meaning


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