Walmart Minimum Wage Hike to $10 Still Below 1968 Levels

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Political activist Ralph Nader says Walmart’s decision to increase minimum wage to $10 by 2016 is a mini-victory for the labor movement but until a 40-hour work week is mandatory, workers will…

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12 thoughts on “Walmart Minimum Wage Hike to $10 Still Below 1968 Levels

  1. ArcticSlicer


    1:47 San Francisco adjusts every year for inflation and as of January 1st
    2015, the minimum wage is $11.05/hour; exactly where Nader says the federal
    minimum wage should be if it had been adjusted for inflation since 1968.

  2. chuckrobertpearson


    We could make short work of Walmart, watch their stores close permanently
    and replace them with higher-paying mom and pop stores if the government
    would stop showing favoritism to this piece of shit company.

  3. marniespeaks


    $15 on the west coast is about the same as $10 everywhere else

    further you can’t afford food, health care, shelter in the US even on $11
    to $15 an hour.
    You’re better off living in poverty – just crunch the numbers.
    Further still, there’s nothing to reach for anymore, but time.
    Sorry, what Ralph ends up advocating is still slavery.

    If we want to continue this debt based system then we are will have to cap
    profits and inheritance.

    Lastly, we’ve reached the point with technology that people shouldn’t have
    to work to justify their existence any more.

    Education and community service should be required and offered to all or go
    live in the desert -

  4. Snake Woman

    Super Exotic Cars

    go look at a map of wallmarts accos the country – their are thousands and
    with these comapnies taking out all the small businbess they need to pay
    them more ALL LARGE CORPORATIONS should pay more. Goddwill is supposed to
    be Non Profit – but yet they are pushing their employees – but yet buying
    up land … and building buildings .

  5. Snake Woman

    file share

    The state of washington is raising minium wage to 15 dollars an hour –
    wallmart will have to pay this weather it likes it of not ! Minium wage
    these days should be 12 dollars an hour adjusted for inflation.


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