Chris Hanson Files – Air Duct Cleaning Scams Part 1

DuctDoctorMobile asked:

MSNBC’s Chris Hanson uses hidden camera’s to catch a local air duct cleaning company in the action. There goal is to uncover “Bait and Switch” tactics that are giving reputable Air Duct Cleaning business’ across the united states a bad name!


25 thoughts on “Chris Hanson Files – Air Duct Cleaning Scams Part 1

  1. Sam Plourde

    LCD TV

    How is this a scam… theyre not hiding fees or doing a shitty job dont talk shit about a respectable business. Some companies that do home repairs and maintenance like this will charge for services that are not done or make things up to get payed.

  2. jasonaellisd

    Tube Audio

    sales is the heart of america. we were all sold on a dream (don’t you dare deny it) and there is a lot of work to be done. if my sales team can sell you something you don’t need i love them. if you buy something you don’t need you obviously have the income to blow. shut the fuck up

  3. jasonaellisd

    text editor

    bullshit. 19 or 20 years. which IS IT? after that long I would KNOW how long i was in the industry. if someone agrees to a cost & a payment, that is the end of the story. if you are willing to pay great. if you are not great. shut up you idiots

  4. emcee2k


    The ad specifically said what was and wasn’t covered for the $50 price. Yet, Dateline didn’t even bother mentioning whether or not the work done for the initial $50 was less than what the ad claimed was covered. If it wasn’t, I don’t really see the scam.


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