Wal-mart employee

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interview with walmart employee about PS3

book value

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  1. darmacannon


    now some might note part of a past comment missing, i was asked by a boss to remove it since it disclosed where i worked so i respectfully complied….although it would have been nice to been asked that 5 months earlier…but it seems at that time it wasnt an issue….

  2. darmacannon

    fast cash

    ,prismofshadows@aol.com,masteroftoolery@aol.com,and……if you cant be bothered to contact me directly among any of those direct methods due to self cowardice i really have no respect for you, and find no worth in your words….also anyone who wants to mock me, i give a week to contact me directly or by given alt methods of direct contact…..beyond a week the person i consider a baseless coward of no worth….

  3. darmacannon

    Free Ebooks

    now then….i will make one thing very clear, since i learned about this video i have in fact been monitoring it once a week…if you post something on it but cant say it to my face in person due to being a coward i will have no respect for you….if you have something to say, say it to my face, if you cant come to columbia to do so, you can post it on my facebook page-david edward schlicher….if you cant do that i have 4 different emails you can page….

  4. darmacannon

    New Site

    while commenting from the safety you imagine is behind a screen under an anonymous seeming youtube name…..i dont hide, i dont shirk from critics who are willing to speak to my face, if you have a problem say it to my face, not behind my backs, not on a website or a blog…..only three types of people i can never respect….1. cowards like your acting….2. rapists….and 3. liars……so i look forward to speaking to you this coming week

  5. darmacannon

    is the money still there?

    also if your in fact one of my coworkers i would find it highly amusing…..mostly because if you have the gonads to talk about me on a youtube page i am monitoring constantly to reply to on, since it concerns me personally, yet cannot address your words to my face, how is anyone to believe the merit or worth of your words……i work tommorrow,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,and saturday this coming week, so feel free to say what you have said here to my face, or be a coward, and hide

  6. darmacannon

    cabin rentals

    now then to clarify once more to all those who think i am mentally handicapped, i am not, nor am i mentally challenged…if i was so inclined actually i could contact a lawyer and sue the hell out of the makers of this video due to the false representation of myself they have done with the sound effects and at the start of the video….now i am a generally nice person, so i will be kind and not make their wallets scream like little children being set on fire…but in the future i advise caution.

  7. darmacannon

    diet pills

    i am neither mentally challenged nor handicapped….do you know any mentally challenged or handicapped people who can clearly discuss theoretical sciences or play 8 games of chess at the same time or who have written 88 poems, or made a code that cant be cracked by most people, even top knotch codebreakers?

  8. darmacannon

    4 shared

    i beat him at chess, please dont put words in my mouth….levi and me later became good friends, and i even forgave ryan gallagher who later pulled a knife on me 6 times at that walmart…..while working with me

  9. darmacannon

    secret offers

    alas no i was not his retarded little brother, i wouldnt claim tim who was store manager as a relative if hell itself threatened me with eternal damnation and suffering of the worst kind, my own brother is far more intelligent then tim was and his initials are pms….phillip micheal schlicher..so please dont insult my brother comparing him to tim and dont insult me implying relation to tim….comments like this make me want to take a pretty little gun and shoot the commentor…..

  10. darmacannon

    is it safe

    i cant help my damaged front two teeth…kid threw a metal weight at my mouth when i was 10, snapped one in half and i had toget a replacement cap, and twisted the other….because of the sensitivity of the cap they couldnt put corrective braces on it back then…if it had happened a few years later with dental advancements not only would i have gotten a better cap but a bracable one…


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