Penny Pranks: OfficeMax Case Study

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Back to school with YouTube. This case study shows how OfficeMax and its agency partner Escape Pod worked with YouTube Advertising to create a hilarious viral video campaign. Learn more at

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7 thoughts on “Penny Pranks: OfficeMax Case Study

  1. necklix

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    hey utube thanks for sharing your advertisers it makes a lot ezier to let people know which compansies to boycot… so by bye… Office MAX no mo..
    oh btw, you tube, you guys blew it big time… your adudience has shrunk.. have you noticed yet Zeitgeist, was pulled because the turth was put forth about Christianty being fake. Well to bad for you tube, stupid, greedy corp. I don’t have any simpathy for you. BYE BYE!


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