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  1. Kiiddy

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    Its really weird because stuff like this just doesn’t happen here in the UK. Its unheard of. I mean yeah people get up early if there is a sale on at a popular store, but they don’t do shit like that! Even if someone fell down they’d probably stop and make sure they were okay, if not help them up.

    I 100% empathise with him on this. Its bloody shameful tbqh.

  2. Armystrong501st


    people in this world dont care… my whole life people didnt care what i though so they beat me up and act like i didnt care but now i found my place in this world next black friday…its going to change i am Black Mentic and i am a Assassin… and if i see a person i need ii will pull a gun and shoot it in the air to get the peoples attention and god help me if they dont care ill take care of them…

  3. LauraIsPink

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    when i hear someone say “black friday” my blood instantly boils. it’s just one of those rare situations where i just get so angry so quickly. when i think about the animalistic behavior that goes on on that wretched day i just can’t help but get upset at the morons that do stupid and horrible things like trample someone to death just to get to that damn t.v. they want. i work in retail and black friday is hell.

  4. braedon218

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    All I have to say is that everybody there should be ashamed. They should be ashamed for being a human. Then they go and continue to shop without helping this poor guy. They give us Americans a bad name. People are so desperate for these things that they kill for electronics and christmas present. The first word in Christmas is Christ. Remember that next time you want to take somebody’s life. Karma will get these people.

  5. michael Malpass

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    it’s sad what happend but that’s is what happends when you have that many people at one time no matter how many people in the front stop you will never be able to stop everyone and the bad thing is even if anyone were to try and stop and help they would have got run over as well the better way to do it is have store open like it should 24 hrs and get a different plan as to how to sell the things they do that day


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