Sam’s Club credit card scam (SCAM’S CLUB)

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Description — one of the ways that Sam’s Club increases its revenue by nefarious manipulation of credit card accounts.

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  1. roxcyn

    shhh !

    The title is totally wrong “credit card scam”. First, it’s not a scam. Second, the rep from GE was not apologetic. Maybe you should close the account if you dislike their credit card.

  2. weasel77111

    ssi money

    I used to work for Sams Member service. Sam’s Club has great policies in place, the problem is NO ONE FOLLOWS THEM. Club level corruption is ridiculous.

    This year Sam’s charged my credit account (GE Money Bank) which is tied to my membership card when I explicitly swiped my debit card and followed the correct directions on the key pad. I used to be a cashier so I know how the card pads work, the check out cashier was inept though.

  3. kparadee

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    I then called Sams Credit to pay off the card completely. I was informed that I could pay the ard but, should know that my line of credit was suspended indefinately. I had never been late, not once in the 5 years that I had owned the card. Nor, had I ever gone over the limit. I was & still am quite pissed.

  4. kparadee

    local lawyers

    I have had similar issues with my Sams Club card as well. They closed my credit account while I was abroad. I tried making the payments(there were two) twice while away but, their site was down everytime I tried to make a payment. I also tried making it by phone but, had to cut the calls short before I was actually able to make the payment on account of the astronomical long distance fees. I tried to pay when I got back home but, they suspended payments by web because I was late two months.

  5. JTom270

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    You are wrong on so many levels its hilarious. China doesn’t own america because of WalMart/Sam’s Club. China and other countries are purchasing our debt and financing things like the stimulus package former Pres. Bush issued years ago. This is whats allowing them to gain ownership in companies and land in america, NOT buying a shirt made in china from walmart. They are loaning us money they dont really have to loan but in turn gaining a foothold into our society.

  6. Nemesi Mora


    ITS NOT SAMS CLUB!!! its GE MONEY BANK get your stuff straight!!! don’t be trash talking if you don’t have a clue, and most likely you’ve been late, you can’t prove that you’ve never been late, ALSO everyones limit was knocked down, because of the economy!!! ughh!!!

  7. deezeemike

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    and if your late on your payments they will lower your credit limit.
    and if your going to say some dumb shit like your never late on your payments.
    they also checdk your credit monthly to see how your doing with your other debts.
    if your falling behind on other accounts they will see that and protect them selfs and lower your limit.

    this is an error and does not prove sams club is a scam!
    because its not!

  8. deezeemike

    New Site

    this video makes sams club look so bad!
    but see… sams club nor walmart does credit. its done thru a bank!
    we have two in house types of credit. personal and discover.
    the people on the phone in this video and the automated caller is not sams club but just a bank saying they are calling on behalf of sams club. which this is what they are doing if they are not saying that.

  9. leo1346


    sams Matamoros this ligature to the narcotics detective no longer you buy there spy to you and you they request they extort that you pay you a monthly amount or kill to somebody of your family no longer you buy in sams matamors your life this in danger


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