McDonalds: Behind the Scenes

ABC News asked:

The fast-food giant reveals the secrets behind its most popular menu items.

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25 thoughts on “McDonalds: Behind the Scenes

  1. ColossalgorillaZ14

    Daylight Savings

    I doubt that they’re legitament meat,They probably just used the meat for
    that one interview and then went back to using their pink foamy slug,If it
    is real meat,Then why do most people feel fucking sick after they eat the
    damn what they call ‘food’. 

  2. maryoassyrian2007

    Broker Sucks?

    I find it funny when people attack McDonald’s food quality when this is the
    place that sells cheeseburgers for a dollar. Obviously McDonald’s is not
    good for you, but it is not just the meat that they show here. Think about
    it; all those different sauces packed with sugars, salt, fats, and other
    chemicals. Not to mention their bread. The quality of the food is not just
    in the meat itself, but the meat and everything else that goes with it. You
    eat a Big Mac with salty fries and a sugary drink, you are bound to gain
    some weight if you eat it more than you should. I think that the fact the
    McDonald’s is not good for you is as obvious as the sky is blue, and that
    is why people are not eating their as much anymore.

  3. sranjesuper

    New Site

    Sure if its real beef and real fries, then why do they never go back if you
    let them sit, or take much much longer? Surely these chemicals are not good
    for human consumption. Just because it’s FDA approved does not mean it is
    safe. Considering the FDA approves all kinds of cancer causing chemicals.

  4. No Lie

    Recovery Discs

    i’d like to know how the animals are treated. remember you’re eating
    meat, which has DNA. DNA holds information, those animals you’re eating
    most probably died in horrible ways, in horrible conditions. so, you are
    eating fear, horror, trauma etc…something to think about?

  5. NitroRad


    In all honesty, my biggest problem with McDonalds burgers is in the buns
    rather than the patties.

    I find the buns to be so foam like and very hard to swallow. I’m sure their
    sauce isn’t very good for you either. I doubt the meat is really the worst
    thing in the burger, why doesn’t anyone ever consider that maybe it’s the
    rest of the burger?

  6. ShadowⓋ

    new site

    This video only shows the corporate facility, so they made it look all
    spiffy for the public. It doesn’t show some of their other facilities
    though. Another thing is the growth hormones and other things they shoot
    the cows up with or what they feed them. There are also several other
    factors involved as well, such as cleanliness of their chain restaurants,
    which have atrocious records involving improper cleaning of cookers and
    people getting sick from things like ecoli or salmonella.

  7. Bangaly

    isp $

    This is the first time because them mutherfuckas got everything prepared to
    make it look like this shit is legit….you are not going to stall if your
    consumers ask what’s in the product …all bs


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