Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre

RackaRacka asked:

Ronald McDonald puts an end to the Chicken Store opening down the road from Maccas. Massacre! WE’RE ON INSTAGRAM: @therackaracka Directed & Edited by: Danny & Michael Philippou.

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25 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre

  1. captain logan

    Guitar Man Only

    Girl: I don’t know
    Ronald: you don’t know huh?
    *kills girl*
    Ronald: la la la looks about done
    Ronald: clickity clickity clickity clickity chicken
    Where’s the clicking chicken
    *creepy face*
    *opens door* FOUND YA

  2. Heran Dawit

    god tube

    Okay we all know this is fake but WHAT if this was real and you were there?
    ((If you didn’t know this was fake,I’m worried about you.Because Ronald
    isn’t real.and that’s just a guy who dressed up like that FreakShow
    clown.and by the way if you are not sure if this is fake,how can you prove
    this was real?))

  3. steven sheargold


    This was real, i was outside the store when it happened, a minute earlier
    and i would of been inside, lucky i wasnt, his still on the run from the
    coppers i think, its crazy down here in aus these days

  4. Curt Ward


    Man, weird little film. Just kinda sick to know people come with this
    stuff. I think slasher movies are funny because of the plots, But this this
    is just disturbing.

  5. William Cox

    medical lease

    Impressive, but too violent to enjoy. Although I can appreciate the talent
    that went into it, I can’t give it a thumbs up or recommend it to others.
    On the big screen it might be a major hit, mind you, but I wouldn’t go
    watch. Here’s hoping you guys get recognized for your efforts, but I also
    hope you mull your next series with a bit of understanding that you’re
    sending a really bad message out to an impressionable audience.

    If this is what the world becomes, you’ll be part of the reason. And, if
    it goes down like that, I’ll have one hell of a time trying to mourn for
    you when you become the victim of those who learned from your example.

    And a generic point of view from an old fart with enough talent to
    understand what you went through to achieve this:

    Too much of cheap plotting and scripting in the world today. Violence and
    special effects are no replacement for good writing, no matter how it’s
    paced. When you do a SImpsons meme with live actors you send messages to
    youth already primed to violence by conscienceless big media. What you’re
    teaching will put a whole generation on Fox News, but not as heroes or
    successes. What you’re doing is helping create the next group of folks
    who’ll be tasered to death by freaked out police. On the plus side,
    however, the Saudi owners of Fox will applaud your efforts. After all,
    ratings will skyrocket as viewers watch your conceptual progeny get killed
    on camera. Big bucks for big oil will be your legacy and, pardon me for
    saying, that’s not even a teeny bit original.

    Is that what you’re looking for?

    Just sayin’ . . . 

  6. Sabrina Lim


    I dont know what to say …. my little brother like Mc donald so much but
    after he watches this video and he thought it was real and scary ! Whenever
    he saw the mcdonald clown , he does’nt want to eat Mcdonald’s anymore !!


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