Plague Inc | Infect the World with the Prion “McDonalds”

SSundee asked:

Watch as SSundee unleashes the Mcdonalds Prion on the world!! WHAT DEVASTATION CAN THIS PRION CAUSE?! Lol, Thanks for watching, if you’ve enjoyed be sure to leave a quick like! Enjoy the …


25 thoughts on “Plague Inc | Infect the World with the Prion “McDonalds”

  1. Cole Mayer

    image host

    prion and nano virus are easy. though me and my friend are on bio weapon,
    and its nearly impossible. the cure isn’t the problem. the cure is the
    least of your problems. the problem is that it kills all of your hosts
    before they can infect anyone.

  2. Ali Gibani

    New Site

    don’t worry. I’m eating there just because of this. I’m going to buy 4 big
    macs for me and another 2 for each of my friends (4 friends) just so you
    don’t get in trouble. and because you advertised them…

  3. Kyla Hambrick


    My fellow people, there is McDonalds in America. Whatever you do, do not
    eat there big macs, no matter how tempting they may be, we can not risk
    this spreading

    XD i knew McDonolds was hiding something.

  4. DaylightOwlXI


    You should try the game “Bio-Inc.”. I was trying to search for Plague Inc
    but I only got that game, and it is really fun. Instead of destroying the
    world, you have the kill one single person with a disease. There are
    various types of people (who you name) and they can be a fat smoker, a very
    healthy person, someone with a strong immune system, and such. It’s very
    similar to Plague Inc, but it can get really difficult.


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