Our food. Your questions. Is McDonald’s beef real?

McDonald’s asked:

Pink slime”? Worm meat? Fillers? You’ve been talking about McDonald’s beef so we’ve opened the doors to Cargill, one of our U.S. beef suppliers. Follow Grant Imahara as he gets answers…


25 thoughts on “Our food. Your questions. Is McDonald’s beef real?

  1. HackerExecute

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    I’m trying, I really am, but I don’t believe these videos for a second.
    They look scripted from beginning to end. It’s obvious to me why they are
    doing this and Collins is a horribly bad actor.

  2. basicbodybuilding

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    I love mcdonalds. I lost weight. Gain lean muscle and strength. Their food
    is high quality and taste good. I eat mcdonalds everyday. At first it was 4
    times a week. But mcdonalds recommend i eat it everyday. Breakfest.lunch
    and dinner for maximum results. And i FEEL GREAT!.ill probaly outlive your
    kids… Mcdonalds is #1. 

  3. brog thefrog

    Scrap Buyer

    I feel like this is scripted I want to see what animals are raised I don’t
    want to see only where the beef is processed But then again you just get
    him to vouch for you so I can’t really say much bye this is All scripted

  4. Some random Amourshipper


    Hi +McDonald’s.
    How come at the end of the video, the burger looks EXACTLY like the ones in
    the commercials? As in, the weird model-burgers that I’ve heard are
    supposedly held together with glue and stuff. Is there a way to get a
    burger that looks somewhat like the ones in the commercials?

  5. jacky m

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    to me the question is not is it beef, its were did the beef come from and
    what conditions is are your cows,chickens other live produce kept in ….
    and do you factory farm your produce…. +McDonald’s your almost certainly
    NOT going to answer my question…. your just gonna write me off as a
    stupid 13 year old. But the more questions you leave un-answered, the more
    protests, boycotters you reacive… i may just be a 13 year old, but that
    doesn’t mean i don’t have a voice


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    +McDonald’s If you do put pink slime or horse meat or humans in your food
    why would you tell us the truth about that?. You wouldn’t if you did you
    would lie and make a fake video so people would keep buying your food why
    would you wreck your million dollar company? THIS VIDEO IS FAKE AND YOU
    KNOW IT!!! P.s Please reply i would like to have a chat with ya.

  7. DARUMAN 88e8e

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    1. Why is there wood pulp in your burgers?
    2. 1 Big mac contains 500 calories which is 25% the daily requirement in
    calories. Recommended Daily saturated fat intake is 20 grams or less, a big
    mac contains 10g. Do you see why people would be upset that 1 big mac
    contains 27g of fat which is 42% daily recommend intake and almost 1g of
    sodium which is 40% the daily recommended intake.

    So a big mac meal with a coke contains 1000 calories 50% the daily
    requirement, 2600mg of sodium 200mg more than the daily recommended value.
    51g of sugar when the daily limit is valued at 37.5g for men and 25g for
    women. Food Inc. “wealth is one one of the best indicators of obesity”.
    McDonalds contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. We don’t
    want you to show us that your fries have 19 ingredients, we want you to
    restructure the way you make food to make it healthy. Typical American
    conglomerate, PROFIT$ first welfare of the customers is not a concern. They
    are drug dealers sodium and sugar being the addictive substance they shell

    McDonalds revenue from 2013 was 26 Billion U$ dollars, that’s more than the
    GDP of the country I hail from, yet they don’t have enough money to change
    their ways. 

  8. 2307bohm

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    Why does everyone hate success? Isn’t that the “American Dream” to start a
    small company and make it a huge success?
    There is nothing wrong with McDonalds food. I worked at a plant that made
    their French fries. Nothing but the best potatoes and highest standards.
    Maybe the uneducated hippies who don’t like work or money and think free
    range chickens who eat bugs and shit are better should get a job at



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