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F*CK You Walmart!

sxephil asked:

If you’re down for a 5-10 minute project, I ask you send the following to everyone you know in your email address book, myspace page, facebook page/group, twitter ect: ——————————- If you have not already heard, Walmart has decided to take $470000 from Debbie Shank, a 52 year old mother of three (One of her sons recently died in Iraq), who was involved in a terrible car accident crippling her short term memory, leaving her in a wheelchair, and in a nursing home. Because of the fine print of Walmarts health insurance plan, since Debbie was involved in a car accident and was awarded the money to take care of the tragic aftermath, they are entitled to take all the money that was supposed to go to taking care of Debbie. THEY ACTUALLY WANT $470000 from this handicapped woman in a wheelchair, who needs it to be taken care of in the future. This coming from a company that made $90 billion last quarter… Here is the link to the full story: www.cnn.com I’m asking for you to stop buying from Walmart, and to pass on this story and link to everyone you know. ————————————- Edits: 1. $417000 was put into a trust fund, and $470000 is what Walmart is trying to get from her. 2. I realized I said $90 billion a year, when it is actually $90 billion a quarter. Simple mistake. mhm mhm

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