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Walmart employee found dead in store

kobtv4 asked:

whether two suspected shoplifters are to blame for the death of a wal- mart employee. the man was found dead at a walmart near coors and i-40 tonight. cristina rodda has been on scene gathering the latest details– she’s live with tonight’s top story. christina. right now police are as shoppers minute thumbnail 10:00 pm continue to walk in and out of the store. the investigation is slow moving do to some conflicting witness accounts but we do know the man was called in to help with two alleged shoplifters before he died. an exit of walmart was roped off outside while many employees inside the walmart were noticably affected by news as co-worker had died… as were shoppers “i think that’s heartbreaking for the manager family and for the employees of the store.” police say the man who died was 46 years old and a crime prevention specialist. police found his body at about four this afternoon. what’s not clear–even to police– is how the man died. right now we just have a suspicious death it’s unclear how the individual died..” police say he died in an office in the store where two shoplifting suspects were being held. the man and woman that minute thumbnail 10:01 pm had been allegedly caught trying to steal 28 dollars worth of stuff. police say the employee was called into the office to help hold the alleged shoplifters until police arrived. that’s where the confusion begins. “witness are stating that the crime prevention specialists fell to the ground was unconscience not

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