What You Weren’t Told About The Minimum Wage

Skyler Lehto asked:

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25 thoughts on “What You Weren’t Told About The Minimum Wage

  1. Frank Sanders

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    I see no reason to pay any unskilled worker more than $1 per hour. That way
    we can eliminate all unemployment and eliminate poverty. Business owners
    will be able to invest that extra money in order to expand their company
    and increase prosperity for everyone. The economy will grow rapidly so we
    can pay off the national debt. Any fatalities due to malnutrition or
    starvation will reduce the percentage of people living in poverty. In fact
    I am realizing that this will have so many benefits to society as a whole
    perhaps we should consider the idea of a negative wage? Unskilled laborers
    could be forced to pay their employers thus further increasing overall
    wealth, after all as we learned in this video most min wage workers are
    members of households that make way too much money already.

  2. corthew

    New Site

    Since executives have given themselves raises and bonuses, your argument
    that lower end workers getting raises would unfairly burden companies is
    invalid. The average wage of executives and employers has increased at a
    much greater rate than inflation would demand, while lower end workers have
    done the hard work that makes those paychecks possible, with no increase of
    their own.

  3. Brett Wallander

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    FINE THEN, YOU CAPITOLIST FUCK….then raises are my next concenrn….dont
    pay ppl initially, but why shouldnt bee get good raises if they work
    hard…When i was promoted at work, it was a 25 cent raise.4 years later im
    at 8.20 an hour…idfc who u are, u deserve more…either raise min wage or
    employers neds to give goood raises…derr

  4. yifuj

    shhh !

    Prime example of confirmation bias. Your point was already formed at the
    start and you just went about selecting evidence to substantiate that
    point. One can do the same with the opposing view.

    If you think the federal minimum shouldn’t be at least indexed to inflation
    rates($9.30 an hour), then it hasn’t served its purpose, so why not abolish
    it altogether? I am sure business owners and corporations wouldn’t mind
    paying 2 dollars an hour to the millions willing to accept such jobs, at
    the expense of the underprivileged (but honest) people who decide to work
    minimum wage jobs instead of claiming welfare.

    Of course it might suit your purposes if more get added to the 50 million
    Americans already on food stamps(because their jobs do not pay a living
    wage), or perhaps you would like to see the entire welfare system scraped
    so we can return to the good old days where unemployment meant death by
    starvation… At least the billionaires will get richer under such a system
    so it’s all the better for anyone else right(considering their renowned

  5. Penzare

    lean to read

    Its really sad that you spent all that time and used all those sources not
    to do a real study on minimum wage increases pros and cons, but to do a
    study on why its a terrible idea to increase it. You were biased from the
    start, you could be an asset to a law firm or a politicians office, but you
    are a failure as a scientist.

  6. NinjaEule

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    The problem is you are using logic and reason, which of course means that
    you are a racist, bigot and that you hate the poor. Next time use emotions,
    that’s the only thing that counts when having a discussion these days.

  7. Mick Brenton

    New Site

    Congratulations Skylar your video demonstrated perfectly the psyche of
    someone who thinks that the free markets are perfect and will provide the
    best outcomes. For a lesson in wealth redistribution I suggest you google
    “the French Revolution”!

  8. Zack Corley

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    Of course! It all makes sense now. Giving lower class citizens MORE money
    will hurt them. Let’s just keep them broke. At least now they won’t have to
    compete so hard to get a job at Subway. Right? This seems legit. (sarcasm)

  9. Applejacksoph24

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    One argument that I have seen among a lot of these comments is that
    “Companies will not pay their employees less because they need to compete”
    Sure that’s the landscape within the first 10 years or so, if they repeal
    minimum wage. However, the giant corporations will slowly but surely pay
    less and less until people are making 4 bucks an hour. Companies that pay
    slightly more than minimum wage are competing for employees and employee
    loyalty, but take away that legally bound minimum and most of them will
    eventually pay whatever they feel they can get away with.

  10. carryclass

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    if a person can read and write, and add and subtract, and is willing to go
    put in a days work for a days pay, that person has a birthright to be at
    least lower middle class.

  11. Wesley p

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    this problem only gets worse as more and more machines keep replacing jobs
    that people would normally do, and people just keep being born. its why you
    are seeing more and more that people wont even let you volunteer anymore
    because even those areas are all taken. you cant even get work experience
    through that anymore without competing with other people. since when should
    you have to compete with someone to work for nothing o.o

  12. Winston T

    expert help

    Hah I laugh at those who seethe with anger against this video.

    Here are some points I want to make:
    1. The President was a politician. Congressmen are politicians. They make
    political decisions. Understand this.

    2. It’s simple. Increase the cost of employing workers and you get less

    3. Where did that 14 dollars worth of productivity go in relation to the
    increase in productivity? Well:
    A) We now have more college graduates and much more specialized jobs that
    likely require such education(high-skilled jobs)
    B) Cooking hamburgers is still placing a patty on a grill and cooking it.
    Nothing special.
    -So while there are more highly skilled jobs, there is not much growth in
    low-skilled jobs.

    4. Seriously. There is nominal costs and then there’s real costs. They are
    not equal. Demand influences prices. Water in a desert versus water in a
    forest have different value. They’re both the same water. But value

  13. jayaws86

    New Site

    oh righttttt rightttttt love the ” get skills ” excuse , So please explain
    to me then what happens when everyone goes and gets these skills ? Common
    sense tells me thats not really a skill anymore now is it ? Or better yet
    employers now have leverage to pay you less . You do realize ” college ”
    seemed to be Americas all mighty answer to a equal fair opportunity to a
    better life . Hard work pays off , the american dream right ? Then how come
    a vast amount of jobs are asking 2 yrs experience with a degree with
    starting pay at 12-14 dollars an hour ? are f ing kidding ? a apartment
    alone is 1000 a month , 12 an hour would basically keep u a live. All it
    takes is one unexpected expense and your homeless. Im so sick of America
    and all its bullshit , get real . And actually the sad thing is I AGREE
    with you increased minimum wage won’t do a dam thing , but it won’t do
    anything because things are to f ed to begin with , but guess what shits
    only going to get worse and worse until finally people grow a fucking pair
    and take back whats theres . This country needs a revolution a fresh start.
    things are so twisted theres really no solution but were going to just
    keep ignoring the main issue and hope were dead and it becomes someone
    else’s problem when it really gets out of hand . yayyyyyy god bless

  14. Redstone King

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    Point number two is not much of a point. You admit that it has a positive
    effect on the economy. The only thing you do is to argue that the effect is
    not very big. But if the effect is positive, isn’t that enough, especially
    since it has a huge positive effect on poor people’s lives?

  15. Socrates Narke

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    3 ways to raise the minimum wage:
    #1. Cut costs
    Lower quality products
    Lay off managers,admin & workers.
    Pile on more tasks to each worker.
    Tighten pays scales so that it’s harder to upgrade wages
    #2. Raise prices
    Better quality products at even higher prices
    Introduce minimum prices law
    Tax imports from foreign competition.
    #3. Divide tasks between countries.
    In order to prevent a race to the bottom, collaborate with foreign powers
    by giving each country a share of the work & profits.

    A combination of #1, #2 & #3 seems to be the best strategy to me.

    If you go for #3 you encourage the use of fossil fuels for transport.
    New technologies & a variable carbon tax on imports.
    (The less carbon used to make & transport foreign goods, the less tax on
    those goods)


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