My Boss is A Jerk, What Do I Do?

John Hersey asked:

Improving a difficult situation by taking focus off of the boss and placing on ourselves

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7 thoughts on “My Boss is A Jerk, What Do I Do?

  1. FishingtonBurpPuzzle

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    Whatever. Just do your job for YOU! Even if you are doing tedious, mundane or boring work allow YOU to shine through it! Whatever YOU bring to the job counts.That kind of boss will eventually wither and die in a crumpled heap of negative inertia while you soar to better things and attract better influences to your life.

  2. SithBiker

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    Wrong answer, my boss IS the cause of my unhappiness, tge guy talks to me like I’m a prawn all the damn time, what has THAT got to do with my outlook? huh?


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