Rental Car Rip-off (L361) Set up

jigga2jones asked:

08 Cadi DTS- is set up with a GPS Unit we will locate the car in the next few weeks and see what is in the trunk. To find out how the Modified Palm Pilot works with the GPS system watch: To see the last project we did with a rental car visit: If you find your things missing from a rental car and dont report it to the police, I say thank you… “No Victim – No Crime – No Jail Time”

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    yeah and i drive toyota supra from fast and furious…Man double o negro and jigga = tha damn strong army mah nigga.
    man they are serious doods.jigga is ready to smoke anybody in the middle of the street and double o knows all the shit about pcs and got lots of doods aobut that.
    man if i would be livin in compton we would be makin like a jackin mission u know like we think what we can jack and bam! we jack a supermarket.double o changes the prices with some WEP hackin and we buy all the shit!!


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