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Todrick Hall sings at Wal-Mart with his crew. Check this out. Thanks to everyone involved. Spread this to everyone you know via facebook and twitter! Love you guys. Sonic commercial coming SOON Lyrics: Well, I keep my profile low, but everywhere I go They be like….”Todrick, what’s the T?” (Todrick, Todrick…what’s the T?) Where’d you get those from? Where’d you get your clothes from? Where’d you have your shopping spree? (Where’d you have your shopping spree?) I said, you know I bought it at my favorite superstore If they don’t got it, then what you need it for They keep it poppin’ the only store I shop in Cuz I know they always got me when the paparrazzi stop me all like How’d you get that stuff so cheap Where’d you get that baseball tee I make ’em wait….and then I say I got it at, wal mart baby (A shopping paradise) I got it at, wal mart baby (And nothing beats the price) They got that stuff that you need, guaranteed and it’s cheap I got it at, wal mart baby Wa- Wal-Mart baby The roof, the roof the roof is on fire We don’t go no places where the prices are higher The proof, the truth is what we desire Tell ’em, drop your prices and then maybe we’ll try ya Wal – mart, wal mart, wal mart Wal – mart, wal mart, wal mart (8x) 2,4,6,8 Wal-Mart we appreciate Your quality your marble floors Your 24 hour open doors 1,3,5,9 You don’t ever make us wait in line Your self checkout is mighty fine That’s why we come here all the time GO – TEAM – WAL – MART! YEAH!!!

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