Confessions of a Walmart Employee

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12 thoughts on “Confessions of a Walmart Employee

  1. bf3junkies

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    our walmart gets praises all the time on how friendly our associates are and how clean our store is! We help how and when we can. we only have one person at customer service at a time and you have to have someone up there when it is open. also we get raises every year not every 90 days. I would have to say walmart is probably one of the best places i have ever worked at. In march will be my 2 yr anniversary with walmart. I love my job and my customers.

  2. Anomaly4Life

    secret proxy

    Walmart is FAILED state. It’s a virus that spreads incorrect social behavior, ideals and policies that alter in a negative way in the long run how people feel about themselves. Walmart is a cash hording King at any cost and all it’s peasants should all just QUIT and let Walmart feel the gap of how useless it really is when there is no one to run it’s kingdom.

  3. violadude0987

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    (continued)…..chanting phrases about how Walmart doesn’t treat their workers fairly. The police were there and a few people from management were out there looking pretty pissed, but no violence broke out or anything. The interesting thing was that the union leadership was a little timid and didn’t want to piss walmart off too much so they told people to come back after the second time around the parking lot. My organization argued with them that we should keep going but we lost the argument.

  4. violadude0987

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    Well, it was organized by a group called “ourwalmart” and there was a lot of union leadership involved, but everyone was there with their own little organization (I was there with a group called “Socialist Alternative”). We set up some tents a significant distance away from the actual store and listened to some passionate speeches by pissed off walmart employees, which were said on a megaphone so they possibly reached the store. Then we marched around the parking lot for a while…(to be con.)

  5. wolfwing1


    I shop at wallmart because in my town it’s only place really for games and music and alot of other stuff. One of the most annoying thigns about games there is, they have a attitude of, “We will get it, when we get it, and no we can’t order any, no we can’t reserve it unles it’s halo, no we won’t hold a copy for you on the phone.” it’s extremly annoying, because only town I’m left do I buy online and wait 1-2 weeks risking walmart gets it, or just wait and walmart never does.

  6. UniversalPotentate

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    What you’re describing is “corporate culture” or perhaps “store culture” as each store can be different from the corporation.
    Under Sam Walton, Wal-Mart had a very customer friendly, enthusiastic culture. After he passed ownership to his son that slipped away and became pure technocracy.
    Today corporate culture is considered a prime ingredient for mass corporate success. Keeping customers happy and employees feeling their best is OBVIOUSLY vital for growth, just not for stability.

  7. PittsburghSean

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    Walmart is terrible. I’m glad you chose to leave. The thing I don’t like about it is how they never have enough registers open when you go shopping. But on top of that, they are real job destroyers.


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