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The Worst. Job. Ever.

drdestroy1 asked:

The Worst Job Ever was a Chinese Hackberry (Celtis sinensis) removal where the entire tree had been devoured by Bougainvillia vines. The viney mass had overtaken most of the tree, causing huge stems to die, fall into the mass and then hang there. The weight the vines exerted on the stems was enough to make one weary of using them as anchors, let alone using them as anchors and then making cuts. The tangle of vines was full of huge woody thorns and rats, who thankfully vacated when we started cutting. All in all the removal took 3 days, using a knuckleboom crane 2 days, and we hauled away 7 dump boxes of debris. It took a week for all the scratches and cuts to heal. The music is ‘Salah Ragab – Oriental Mood’ off the ‘Sun Ra Goes to Egypt’ LP, second track is ‘Major Lazer – Zumbi feat. Andy Milokanis’ Sorry for the foul language throughout, it couldn’t be helped.

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