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Ebay Stealth: Is Allowing BatteryGalaxy to Rip Off Sellers Part 1

ebayisajoke asked:

Ebay Stealth: www.vlogpay.com – Get Paid To Vlog http – No Seller Feed www.linkdirt.com – Lifetime Website Links $5 http – Warnings about Ebay www.paypalblows.org – Warnings about Paypal Ebay allows large transactional sellers to rip off buyers monthly on ebay. We found one called -BatteryGalaxy- that is not performing to it’s buyers ripping them off or misrepresenting that they have items in stock that they list for sale-auction. When will ebay finally boot these people for ripping off buyer, when will ebay stop ripping off buyers through it’s non performing sellers? I certify that I am the legal producer and owner of this video and it’s content. All rights are reserved. For information please contact http

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