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The first attempt at establishing a national minimum wage, a part of 1933’s sweeping National Industrial Recovery Act, was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1935. But in 1938, under the Fair…

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25 thoughts on “Abolish the Minimum Wage Full Debate- Intelligence Squared U.S.

  1. chamboyette853


    To everyone looking at this video, the minimum wage debate is both a false
    issue and a distraction. The real problem is that fact that income of drug
    dealers, dominatrixes and hit men is unreasonably excessive to the point
    that it is responsible for a significant drain on the capital of my company
    and many others. There is no question that the income of these people must
    be severely regulated and limited to a much more appropriate level in
    accordance with their education (most don’t have a college degree). Once
    this is done I will be able to pay my workers the minimum wage they

  2. Joe Smith

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    Neither of you are right. In theory, if nothing progressed I’d take a
    position. All the “minimum wage increase” folks can hope for is immediate
    gratification. All the “no minimum wage” folks can hope for is extension of
    gratification. Don’t you dullards see, automation necessarily WILL displace
    everyone. We are at the ELBOW (from our perspective) of the exponential
    growth of technology. Do a little research, or a lot if you need. Robots
    WILL replace most of human work soon. Robots WILL replace all human work
    within (my opinion) less than 50 years. What will public policy be when 90%
    of people that want to work CAN’T because machines can do it more
    efficiently. Think about it. We are NOT in a linear world, but exponential.
    WAKE UP.

  3. Brandon Lyons

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    The problem with this debate audience was comfirmation bias. Most audience
    member that were undecided we’re likely already leaning towards keeping the
    minimum. In order to get a real number you would have to have controls such
    as equal amount of supporters of both ideas along with a number of
    undecideds split down the middle. That being said the people against a
    minimum wage won. 

  4. Cornelius Allen

    New Site

    The minimum wage is one of the most clever, racist political schemes in
    modern history. It has all the trappings of a great thing for the little
    man, but really it serves to further alienate low-skilled, low-educated
    people from employment, especially young, inner-city blacks who, as a
    result of their inability to get hired, may resort to various underground
    markets to earn a (meager) income, which will increase their exposure and
    likelihood of negatively coming into contact with law enforcement, likely
    to serve “time,” and cause further disruption to their already-broken
    families. Then the op-ed pundits will blame these catastrophic results on
    their inferior “culture” or even worse, their “genetic” inferiority.

  5. crusty7208

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    NOOOOOO!!!!! we don’t want to be like a tiny island nation state with no
    natural resources (WHATSOEVER) but yet ranked 1st on the 2015 economic
    freedom index, with a per capita income of $52.7K (only $300 less than the
    US) and a 3.3% unemployment rate; NO, that would be tragic!!!! Let’s rather
    model the US economy on one of the least free nations in the world, ranked
    139 on the economic freedom index, with a per capita income of
    $9.8K….THAT’S what we should be striving for, the CHINESE model, where
    everyone is EQUAL…EQUALLY poor, EQUALLY unfree, EQUALLY cowed by an
    abusive big brother day in and day out! OH YES, it makes perfect sense that
    this idiot woman ‘advises’ Joe Biden.

  6. Scott Hein

    Big Payoffs

    I’m surprised I didn’t hear anything about where the extra money people
    would earn, should the min wage go up. I thought that that would have been
    one of their central arguments, that people making the minimum would put
    virtually every extra penny right back into the economy. Bush gave the rich
    big tax breaks with the idea they would invest in business, but new jobs
    dropped to the lowest rate in 70 years, over the subsequent 10 years after
    the breaks were given. That was because business didn’t have forecasts that
    warranted expansion. More money in the hands of the low & middle class
    always goes back into the economy, not into savings or the stock market.

  7. Logan Crouch

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    I’m kinda disappointed that they couldn’t find better debtors for the
    In-Favor side. This is an Econ101 issue that should be easy for any
    freshman college student to defend. The straw man and ad hominem arguments
    were abundant from the Against side and these were almost never confronted
    by the In-Favor side. And at some points the in-favor debaters arguments
    they seem to actually concede or undermine their own side! Even the
    audience was biased on the matter. When ~%50 of the audience already
    supports one side, claps and cheers for that side, and nearly all questions
    from them seem to favor that side, undecided people in the audience will
    become biased. This hardly seems like a fair debate, and does not live up
    to the merit of the subject matter.

  8. Larnciel darknciel


    Let’s assume that you have a small budget and you want to start your own
    business. You have to invest in advertisement, materials, you have to pay
    taxes (don’t forget about that) (isn’t that too much risk already) and Now
    you have to pay the sign waiver $15hr or else.
    Does it make sense to you? It shouldn’t! This kind of bullshit will destroy
    intellectual curiosity (why go to college when I am making $15hr stocking
    groceries at the mall. I have $10,000 to invest in some kind of business,
    but I cannot afford to pay my employees the minimum wage. Obama: Hey!!!!
    Get a Job at mcfruity, I just got you $15hr…. you welcome America!!!!
    More conformism and less business creation….. viva la democrata!!!!! heil
    The land of the free, brave and obamacare
    what fucking next?
    Global warming
    gun control
    fucking Medicare man!
    I thought this was the land of the free.
    oh and I almost forget, Obama’s immigration plan….. what? Dude! I am not
    an American, but I feel like I have been raped by the US repeatedly over
    and over again. my green card is worthless to me, I am better off avoiding
    taxes, I don’t need a fucking green card or driver’s license to drive, I
    don’t need a social security to open a bank account, I don’t need any of
    this shit to apply for credit cards. I shouldn’t have spent my time trying
    to get the greencard. I should have just come here, illegally, and wait for
    this stupid motherfucker to give it to me. all that time and money I have
    wasted in that stupid greencard. thanks Obama , fuck you so much man!!! 

  9. jtmeikle

    Commercial Rentals

    The problem with minimum wage debates is that they focus on the workers and
    not the companies and the location those companies operate in. it is
    obvious that big corporations like Walmart, Home Depot and McDonalds could
    easily afford a high minimum wage. The problem is that small mom and pop
    shops and even franchises in small town USA would get destroyed by a high
    minimum wage. As for abolishing the minimum wage, I think abolishing it
    would help entrepreneurs with new startups. The average failure rate for
    new startups, across all industries, is around 50%. If the minimum wage
    was abolished it might help new startup companies succeed. I’m sure
    regulations don’t help either but if a new company weren’t force to pay a
    minimum wage, that 50% failure rate might decrease. This is just a Theory!

  10. FlyOverZone

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    1:14:00 The potential benefits are minimum If the exist at all. The
    potential harm however, could be quite Large.

    I find it hilarious how heavily the Pro Minimum Wage team used the
    argument, “The minimum wage MUST be good, POLITICIANS support it.”

  11. Joe Aga


    This was a tough debate, but a good one. I know its a little off topic,
    but one thing that i think is overlooked, is the skill to pay ratio, versus
    the resources available to survivability ratio. When i imagine an evolved
    society, it would entail no monetary system at all. And instead of craving
    pleasure from mindless entertainment, acquiring more things we dont need,
    and planned obsolescence, we could crave tech/spirtiual enlightenment,
    responsible resource management (instead of looking at everything as “what
    can i get out of it” mentality), and free information and education. Just
    think business-wise for a second, you will almost always place
    business/personal-profit above any other factor, including human
    well-being, especially if you never have to see or talk to them. Most
    economies are anything but economical. We burn through as many resources
    as possible to make as much profit as possible. This idea that a person
    has to earn a living is very convenient after a few rich/smart/greedy
    people round up all the resources and then sell them back to you. And This
    idea, that a person, without a mind-numbing, soul-crushing, tedious job, is
    a failure and would be a lazy oaf without one, i think, is also false.
    Think back when you were a child, full of creativity, and ambition, and
    genuine interest in so many things. Sure there would be some lazy people,
    but I honestly think eventually they would start to dwindle in numbers in a
    society that allows and encourages people to their greatest limits. These
    “childish” notions vanish as the geared society tells us there’s something
    wrong with us, and we have to “grow up.” Trust me when i say, I’m not
    trolling, I’m just a Utopianist haha

  12. juscurious

    My Ride

    Minimum Wage. What a bunch of junk.
    If the current minimum wage @ almost $9.00/hr is so great then why not
    raise the minimum wage to $50/hr or even $100/hr? You cannot legislate
    prosperity like those who are the Left propose.
    Trying to elevate people economically by raising the minimum wage is about
    like trying to raise the water level in a bathtub by taking it from one end
    of the tub and pouring it into the other end. 

  13. Tom Kilworth

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    One problem I’m concerned about:

    The labour market is larger than the jobs market, so wages would drop.
    Economics 101 – Where there is competition, prices fall and quality
    improves, so poorer workers wages will drop and they will be required to
    work harder.

    I’m split on the debate though, and welcome any info on this :)

  14. Yvette Zarate

    social media

    what isn’t discussed is that those poor families struggling with 2-3 jobs
    at minimum wage will lose their SNAP and Medicaid benefits with a raised
    income. That higher income will not be enough to replace the lose of those
    benefits, so the argument is invalid.

  15. Self Education Radio

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    here’s the killer….. sure you are an employee at your job, but you are
    an employer to your plumber, landlord, mechanic, lawnmower, daycare,
    grocer, doctor, computer repair guy, dentist and and I could go on. If you
    want a minimum wage for your job, then why don’t we set a minimum price for
    all those people YOU employ???

    When will we learn to give up trying to control the choices other people
    make. if you’re willing to take 7.24 instead of the 7.25 set minimum for a
    job, what’s wrong with that?. and if a company is willing to pay you 3
    million a year… let them.. why is everyone so bent on controlling the
    choices of others? are you not happy with welfare, ssi and obamacare? now
    you want to control how much I can pay people who work for me.. oh well,
    that’s why I hire Filipinas overseas. That’s like someone setting the
    minimum price of socks.. or setting a maximum price for cars… what is
    wrong with people… its all voluntary and all employees to one company
    are employers to dozens of other companies. 

  16. LloydieP

    bad broker?

    The “against” side lost when Karen let it slip that there IS no DEBATE of
    ideas or facts in her world, just (politely, of course) resorts to
    character assassination of the members of the opposing team and any
    audience member who has a different belief to hers. As she clearly states
    TWICE, they are MORALLY WRONG. The primary premise of James Bernstein’s
    argument seemed to be, that because the very idea of debating the motion
    was obviously so ridiculous, he didn’t need to. His proposition that
    economists spend a few years as social workers has merit. A few years
    running a small business wouldn’t be a bad idea either. 

  17. West Brit


    Minimum Wage is a nonsense, why should the government interfere in any
    privet contract if the employer won’t offer enough he will get no workers,
    same as if any company price’s what they are selling to high nobody will
    It is depressing that this simple truth is not understood even in
    America, what hope for the rest of the world 

  18. Wayne Vernon

    New Site

    Increasing the minimum wage on the margin doesn’t significantly affect
    unemployment. A better question is, “Who is paying for the increase?” In
    most cases, the minimum wage places downward pressure on the middle class.
    Minimum wage workers may see a 40% increase in thier wage, whereas middle
    income earners would see only a 15% increase in their wages. This
    effectively decreases the standard of living of the middle class. =/

  19. juscurious

    Lottery KY

    Immigration is the elephant in the room. We have allowed tens of millions
    of low skilled immigrants into the country, both legal and illegal. The has
    the net effect of pushing down wages. Then we propose to raise the minimum
    wage. Stop illegal immigration and lower the level of legal immigrants and
    we won’t have any problems with wages. The laws of supply and demand will
    kick in and we won’t have the problem.


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