Working at McDonalds 1967

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What kind of person would work at McDonald’s?

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  1. wildlyvivacious

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    i mean its not a great job, but its a job … but that is a place where i would not like to be the rest of my life haha … i think its a great 1st job for teens, you get to deal with the worst ppl … then when a good job comes your way you will be very prepared

  2. Big Joe

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    My how things have changed in the word. And not for the better.  Most daze, when I visit McDonadl’s, there is some overweight woman behind the counter with tattoos up and down her arms, pierced eyebrows, pierced lip, and she can’t get a simple order straight.

  3. Big Joe

    New Site

    I agree completely. Most of the counter staff at McDee’s these days look like they are better suites to working in a biker bar. Tattoos up and down their arms. Some even have piercings in their eyebrows and lips.

  4. Charles Finley


    also, this could be off a copy of a program that only exist in black and white (the color copy long since destroyed). some TV stations and archives in the 1960s could only afford B&W recorders and/or archived programs transmitted in color in B&W

  5. OccupyMcDonalds


    When I was a kid in high school there was a serial killer who lived near me. He owned a large pig farm where he would sometimes invite high school kids over to come drink and do drugs. Some nights he would drive into the city, pick up a hooker and take her back to his pig farm. He did this over fifty times.


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