Resolved Question: Are all bosses jerks?????

I’ve been through hard times and I’m a single widowed mom raising a son with no family. The last thing I want to endure is a boss who thinks it’s funny to belittle and chastise me like a child. I never miss work, show up on time, work thru lunch, stay late and go above and beyond my job description because I take pride in my work (for me). I’m sick of being yelled at and belittled, talked down to and ridiculed/demeaned in front of other coworkers. We have no Human Resources dept., it’s a small company who’s main office is in another city. His boss is never around so he gets away with treating us like crap. I’m a valuable employee and he knows it – one has already quit, one he’s ready to fire and the rest just put up with him. I can no longer tolerate the way he treats me and I’m ready to blow a fuse and confront this weasle. I work my tail off and mind my own business – why are some bosses such losers? Is it a power trip they’re on or what?

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