Just The Job Season 5 – McDonalds Crew Member

Dave Mason asked:

One of the first ports of call for anyone working at McDonalds, including the CEO, is learning the ropes of a crew member. This week Brianna Park from Fraser…

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24 thoughts on “Just The Job Season 5 – McDonalds Crew Member

  1. Sam Power

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    well its ok for some people just to pay the bills fella, I think most people wouldn’t see it as a career, I actually applied with them yesterday, i’m looking to go into teaching but hopefully it will get me where I want to be. You can’t brand everyone who works there as “the people who skipped class” fyi I actually done well at school lol.

  2. js98912


    yea working in mcdonalds is shit, all the people from the school who skipped class and were so stupid and fucked up their exams now work in mcdonalds and my pals who all done well now including me and we all do jobs we enjoy and make so much more money

  3. MocknozzieRiver

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    It’s the complete opposite for me. I consider my managers my friends! You should see if you can talk to the owner of your store or something about that. Building up is way better than tearing down, and a good manager would know that! 🙂

  4. sharna olds


    I work at a Mcdonalds in New Zealand and i absolutely hate it! Mainly because the managers are horrible and often make crew members cry. I usually get treated like crap and get made out to look like an idiot. I dont know if its just the mcdonalds I work at.


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