GameStop 10th Worst Place to Work in US

LeisureSuitGaming2 asked:

GameStop Voted 10th Worst Place to Work in US. Should have been number 1.


25 thoughts on “GameStop 10th Worst Place to Work in US

  1. GameTHiRST

    Uused Cellular

    A great introduction to anyone inexperienced with being shafted by Corporate America, your story is not atypical.
    Just another reason why so many gamers are disgusted with Gamestop, greedy corruption permeates the entire company from the ground up.
    My advice, start your own retail game shop and beat the living snot out of those bastards by serving your employees and your customers with decency, respect and superior prices.
    Gamestop, like any monopolistic corporation, eventually turns on you…

  2. xxIreneCaffeine


    Yeah, my mall has 2 gamestops (one on each floor and kind of opposite sides of the mall) then across the street from the mall parking lot there’s a little plaza with a third gamestop in it. It’s ridiculous but mostly just annoying when you go to one of them and they don’t have what you’re looking for so they call the other 2 locations and bounce you around. Not that I get games from them frequently to begin with, but…

  3. ToddattheDisco

    New Site

    If nothing changes at my store soon, or if I don’t get fired because of the influence this..this prick has over my manager, i plan to leave by November. I don’t plan to shop at Gamestop anymore or ever again. I’d prefer to go to Best Buy, purchase off amazon or Newegg (which is a great, great site).


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