Chris Jericho Working at McDonalds

Ahed Jericho asked:

Chris Jericho Working at McDonalds http://IAmJericho.COM.

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7 thoughts on “Chris Jericho Working at McDonalds

  1. doynsc

    New Site

    glad you’re back and also love what you are doing, despite the fact that it is so frustrating. but you probably hate that i like it, which makes me sad. I just can’t hate you though you are too awesome!

  2. Ellen Chalmers

    bus coupons

    Omg have to  love Jericho! My 8yo son just bugged out when I told him we have Y2J’s autograph from Ozzfest years ago (he’s watching the video with me). Think we’ll frame it and put it in his room! Anyway love the video!


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