How Dirty Are Fast Food Play Lands?

thetastespot asked:

Ever wonder how dirty the average fast food play land is? Watch this video to find out! See more at


3 thoughts on “How Dirty Are Fast Food Play Lands?

  1. kauthenrieth

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    they most of the times will not mind if you go in, i go in with my daughter all the time because shes only 3, and is afraid of going up the steps, i only had one person tell me something and i told them she want down and i was getting her and they said that was fine and have fun,

  2. Gary Klarer


    I find it interesting that there are very few views of this video. I take my daughter to a play place at McDonalds and she has lots of fun. Never thought about the dangers until my sister mentioned it to me. I plan on calling and asking the manager if they’re cleaning inside the play place regularly. I may even sneak in there. Lol. Take care y’all


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