The Woody Show Animated #1: Greg’s OfficeMax Freakout!

xtweeker9 asked:

Check out this animated episode of The Woody Show by: called “Greg’s Office Max Freakout!”. Greg describes his terrible experience with Office Max and their staff. The moral of the story… Price things correctly people!

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  1. KingSS00

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    this is hilarious! i worked for office max and had a supervisor who was just like this . . . she wanted to screw anyone out of their money any chance she could and say no to anything to save a buck for Office Max. any smart employee who worked for Office Max before they re-did their customer service values knows that right away you take care of the customer, with no customer you have no job. it’s gone down hill and this is why i’m happy not to work for them anymore

  2. NiGHTSChao689

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    Obviously this idiot has never worked in a retail environment. Getting products to be in their perfect little spot is not always the easiest thing to do. The solution would be to modify the price down to what the customer expected and then an associate should fix the signage accordingly.

    Even so, you shouldn’t flip out over something like this. 

  3. Rudy627

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    That shit happens ALL the time at my store… I work as a cashier, floor associate and other departments… usually I ask where they found it and say “Hmm, someone put it in the wrong spot but we’ll still honor the price” so… essentially the cashiers were stupid both times and should know how to work their register and deal with said confrontations… meh… my business side popped out… regardless it was hilarious

  4. xtweeker9

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    I love how the comment section has become a testimonial page for customer service. I agree the people who work at these big box stores have terrible customer service habits, and I think it comes from their dislike of their job.

    Great story though, and thanks for watching.


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