Walmart Employees Fired After Disarming Shoplifter

FoxNewsInsider asked:

Megyn Kelly reports that four Walmart employees were fired after disarming an shoplifter armed with a weapon. Walmart says they violated company policy and put shoppers and workers in danger. Shawn Ray, one of the people who lost his job, joined Megyn. For more from the Fox News Insider, check out


25 thoughts on “Walmart Employees Fired After Disarming Shoplifter

  1. Richard August

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    One more reason to BOYCOTT WALMART.

    WALMART as a corporation has ZERO concern for its customers, and much less concern for its associates. Walmart parking lots and vestibules are the least secure of all retailers nationwide. The associates did protect the other associates, the customer, and the perpetrator until police arrived. Otherwise, the guy could have been a mass murderer, for all Walmart officials cared.

  2. Desmond Castro

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    Maybe at the most what should have happened were these four security professional be temporarily tranferred to other nearby stores and once the trial( if there was one ) testify in court and then be compensated with a nice vacation package.

  3. madmiguelh2o


    wow… bit of a stretch but it is youtube so everything has to be about Jews or Muslims. Walmart is owned by the Walton family who is definitely not Jewish. But hey don’t let a silly little fact like that stop you from blaming them anyway. HAZAH


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