Walmart Employee Pay – Report

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A UC Berkeley report states that if each customer paid an additional 46 cents per shopping trip WalMart employees could be paid at least $12 per hour. Ana Kasparian and Brian Unger discuss. Subscribe: TYT Mobile: On Facebook: On Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk’s Blog:

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25 thoughts on “Walmart Employee Pay – Report

  1. RantKid

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    If everyone banded together and stopped shopping at walmart, sure ppl would save a lot less, but in the short term. then walmart would die. Then many smaller local businesses are born. Then competition increases.

    And what happens with lots of competition, every time? competitive prices.

    So to all you ppl praising walmart for saving you money…think again

  2. thisafrikan

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    ya i worke at walmart, the pay sucks thats why there turnover is high, most people only work there 6 months and they quit. Most of us only work there until we find something better. The walmart i work at people quit regulary. But they have a really good work environment just shitty pay.

  3. MissTemperence

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    “No, I do not agree at all that it is unrealistic to suggest that everybody should start their own business.” So I take it your business has no employees? I suppose that’s certainly possible. But do you think that’s realistic for every business in this day and age? Shall we all just generate our own electricity?

  4. MissTemperence

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    “Anyway, I don’t know what it is you think you are going to achieve here, in this conversation” Well that’s a bizarre question. Why does anyone have a conversation? Is there something you’ve hoped to achieve by having a conversation with a stranger on youtube? .

  5. romanmir01

    That Old Thig

    No, I do not agree at all that it is unrealistic to suggest that everybody should start their own business.

    In fact most people in the world used to run their own private businesses, when they took care of their food and energy and shelter and clothing needs, etc. People were exchanging things directly one with another without somebody dictating what ‘legal tender’ was.

    Anyway, I don’t know what it is you think you are going to achieve here, in this conversation.

  6. Joe Blow

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    I really understand your compassion and you have a big heart, but what you just described is called socialism. Big Government really hurts business and effects the economy. In countries that practice socialism will eventually turn to communism. Socialist/Communist countries are really dull and bland, everyone is kinda on the same level.

  7. MissTemperence

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    There needn’t always be poor people. Many industrialized nations have much lower poverty rates than the U.S., and they’ve accomplished that in large part by forcing corporations to pay livable wages, even for entry level jobs. This isn’t some unsolvable problem just because you’re too lazy to put any thought into it and would prefer everyone else to do the same.

  8. Joe Blow


    The reason people at Wal-Mart or any other low level retail job doesn’t make much is because of their skill level (More skills, More money and No skills, No money). There will always be poor people, so get over it.

  9. MissTemperence


    Even if every single person in this country held advanced degrees, someone is still going to have to work the crappy entry level jobs. So “just get another job” isn’t a very workable solution on any large scale to deal with poverty.

  10. MissTemperence

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    A free society means being able to do whatever you choose with no regulation or restraint? By that logic, nothing should be illegal, including rape and murder. “they are failing and/or moving away from nonsense” Since you are going to just keep repeating this, I’ll keep repeating the same response- people have been saying this for the better part of a century. And yet, many countries with more social programs are still doing just fine, better than most other countries.

  11. romanmir01

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    Here is what is unworkable: believing that gov’t can mandate creation of actual wealth. Not printing of money or gov’t projects, which only end up destroying wealth, but actual creation of wealth.

    This is the gov’t which lives by the printer and by panhandling of products and money for ‘T-Bills’ and worthless greenbacks from so called ‘communists’ (China), which is an actual capitalist state.

  12. romanmir01

    CD Rates

    Nobody is owed anything, if you pretend to be a ‘free society’ (which you are not anymore), then you cannot deny people right to try and do their own stuff.

    Now, I do not believe US has freedom in terms of business and financial investment at all, it’s a very totalitarian non-free society by the virtue of the overpowering gov’t, which destroys any attempt at free enterprise, that’s why I am not there

    As to other welfare states – they are failing and/or moving away from nonsense

  13. MissTemperence

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    ” same time you are unwilling to start your own business” HA! I actually do own my own business and work for myself. But I’m smart enough to realize that telling every single person to just start their own business is completely ridiculous and unworkable.


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