McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN

Abelaj50 asked:

In St. Paul, MN, Midway McDonald’s on Snelling & University. For licensing please contact

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25 thoughts on “McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN

  1. Abelaj50

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    Until now, I’ve never understood the amount of racial hate in this cesspool
    known as the comments section of YouTube. From all sides.

    It’s a video about a guy who goes crazy. Not a black guy, not a “nigger”,
    just a guy.

  2. Jack Pot

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    Ladies and gentlemen…. I give you exhibit #1. Welcome to black
    America…. Every where you go, every city, town and ghetto this is what
    you get with blacks….

    Why does the white man have to be burdened with this backward race? Why not
    give them to the Asians to babysit and bring up to speed?

  3. Nonya Busnezz

    tv free

    This is not a white or black thing….it is an “ignorance” thing. But
    because the guys skin color is black, it becomes part of the “stereotyping”
    of blacks as violent or animal-like in behavior. I am 100% certain that
    plenty of white people have done this same things when they were fired.
    What we all should do is forget black and white and start to make fun of
    “stupid”…..which I assure you comes is all colors. 

  4. psyfia

    New Site

    no one’s complaining about the video being vertically filmed 🙁

    “PSA to cell phone videographers everywhere: PLEASE HOLD YOUR PHONE
    HORIZONTALLY. It’s not that hard, people.”

  5. Mandama004

    food festivals

    From the customers in this video, it’s very clear that this is not one of
    the “good” parts of Saint Paul.

    From the guy recording and snickering like a child to the employee knocking
    everything over, I never understand why people enjoy proving stereotypes

  6. Alexis Black

    Scrap Buyer

    I came to watch a funny video of a guy destroying a mcdonalds after getting
    fired and I made the unfortunate mistake of scrolling down to the comment
    section. I’ve seen this happen actually once or twice in NY by white people
    in retail establishments but for some reason noone ever uploads those
    videos even though I clearly saw people with phones out when said actions
    were occurring. These racist comments make me ashamed to be white sometimes
    but I take solace in the fact that youtube is a prime meeting place for the
    1% of the racists Caucasians we affectionately call “white trash”.

  7. Leyle Marie

    house music

    If all these passive white cunts spoke they true mind they would be
    reminded of why they should fear us … Lmfao just because you have more
    opportunities doesn’t make you better it just makes you feel self entitled
    and arrogant

  8. Chris Z


    Again as usual, racist idiots flow into the comments and start ranting
    about how whites are superior and blacks are animals. When will you people
    learn how wrong you are. Your parents and friends probably gave you this
    idea that blacks are mindless apes and that they are a burden on our
    society. Well here’s the truth. Black people are no different than us. the
    only difference is their skin. THEIR SKIN. And their personalities are
    based on each person not their race. The sooner you racist fucks figure
    this out the better. 

  9. blackestcracker


    So wait, this guy gets treated like shit all day, works for wages that
    don’t cover the cost of living doing a job 99% of people refuse to do and
    instead of saying something like “it sucks that he’s been screwed over so
    hard financially that he makes a fool out of himself in public” these
    comments are all about how the guy is black? What the fuck?!? It’s 2015,
    why ya’ll gotta be racist? White bitches. 

  10. Jesse Shade

    Scrap Buyer

    Dear +Abelaj50 :
    Why for the love of fuck would you record yourselves instead of the action
    at hand? No, please, tell me. I need to know why you find your Versace
    shirt that can be bought anywhere more interesting than the large man
    attacking a McDonald’s which is once in a lifetime. You ruined a great
    video with your need for camera attention, and hence, I do not care for
    you. Good day, sir.

  11. John Doe

    pc parts

    Being born a negro is like committing suicide each and everyday. That soul
    crushing despair when you get out of the bed and look in the mirror seeing
    the chimp face looking back at you.

  12. Montana Man

    blog ideas

    This seemingly immature, out of control behavior is quite common for those
    in the hood. Its cause might very well be related to the fluoride, which is
    added to many municipalities’ drinking water, as it has the tendency to
    adversely affect African-Americans more than any other ethnic group. It
    does not affect all African-Americans, but they are at greatest risk to its
    toxic effects. It is a largely unknown problem in our country, though some
    communities are slowly waking up to the health dangers it poses, and are no
    longer engaging in this practice.

  13. downphoenix

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    The employee got fired which makes total sense, but the manager apparently
    did too, which made no sense. I know it’s just the 2 minute clip but the
    manager was trying to be calm and collected. When you have someone outraged
    like that, you can’t match their level, you have to keep it down so that
    they will eventually realize they are being stupid and will calm themselves

    I have worked in customer service for years and that’s simply how it works.
    They fired the manager because he didn’t have control over his employees.
    Well sorry to let you corporate asses know, but you can’t just “control”
    people, you have to work with them and if they’re uncooperative, then you
    let ’em go.

    Were they expecting him to get physical with the employee? That would have
    certainly put the company in a bad situation and would have opened up the
    potential of a lawsuit against the franchisee or corporation, and the
    physical alteraction could have got both him and the employee in trouble
    with the law.

    Call the cops on the employee? That could have made them even more irate,
    and also would have demonstrated that you have even less control. People
    that feel like they are being controlled will not be very good employees.

    PS: That employee is a piece of shit. Period.


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