McDonalds Assaults Reporter For Asking About McNugget Ingredients @ SXSW

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There has been a lot of hype about McDonalds corp making a huge splash at this years South by Southwest in the form of a giant food truck and dining tent complete with indie bands and cell…


24 thoughts on “McDonalds Assaults Reporter For Asking About McNugget Ingredients @ SXSW

  1. Ken K.

    italia soccer

    I bet gmo damage control memos were sent out by the corporate scumbags to
    all the mcgmos managers that if anyone asks them about ingredients,
    referring to them as chemicals or gmos, they could not respond or say no
    comment under contract. People are voting with their dollars and more are
    waking up to the soft kill food as a weapon agenda. Only the most
    brainwashed soft killed zombies still eat this crap with a big smile on
    their dumb faces. 

  2. Cuthbert Pendergast

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    You call that an assault? What cry babies. How about you nanny state
    tyrants stop harassing people and let them have their freedom of choice?
    Not everybody wants to get fat eating $60 steaks and swallowing vitamins.


  3. Piggy-Pike-Music-Like


    FUCK mcDONALDS..Dont eat it..dont listen to theirt brain washing ads and
    dont beleive them. When they say “we make McNuggets from “all white meat
    chicken breast and skin” (that is what it says in small print in their
    ads….nowhere on line or in their commercials does it say what PERCENTAGE
    of a mcNugget is “breast meat” and what percentage is SKIN. It could be 80%
    SKIN ground with 20% breats meat…keep that in mind. ” They wont answer
    that question! DOnt eat the SOYLENT GREEN

  4. reavertor

    New Site

    It’s not exactly a revelation that McTubby’s food is bad for you. Between
    films like Super Size Me and a multitude of other popular media sources,
    the general public has had ample opportunity to recognize this. I notice
    the one thing that no one at McDonald’s mentioned was the idea of making
    their food more healthy to bring back lost customers.

    Their food is created with the perfect combination of sugar, salt and fat
    (along with addictive “natural flavors”) to hook consumers.

    If you go to a McDonald’s, you can instantly point out who the regular
    patrons are – the ones who are 100 plus pounds overweight.

  5. Calvin21X


    I’m still guilty of going to Mcdonalds maybe once a month. I’m not a huge
    fan, but you’ll see one nearly every mile and the cost is low. They’ve
    definitely been overrated for too long.

  6. Daniel Atkinson

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    I have found that when I need a good clean out that it is run to the big
    M.D. or a laxative. the only issue with them closing would be the ugly
    stain of of the ugly buildings left behind, I am sure that was not what Ray
    Crock had in mind.

  7. T.H.E. Outlaw


    I’m sure Tom Naughton from the “Fat Head” documentary is perfectly fine
    with Anthony getting assaulted. Tom Naughton is a disgusting shill, and
    “Fat Head” is pro-McDonand’s propaganda, using the anti-semitic caricature
    of “The Guy From CSPI” to discredit legitimate food rights activists.

  8. Stand4 Liberty

    top lenders

    Fuck the Jew owned McDonalds Gender bending NWO crappy foods , if anyone
    had brains they would of been shut down 20 years ago if people took actions
    , anyone who feeds their kids with that slime shit are child abusers , they
    don’t even pay their workers decent wages instead insulting their rights to
    make a living. 


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