Our food. Your questions. What are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made of?

McDonald’s asked:

Is it real Chicken? Is the whole chicken used? Those ‘pink slime’ pictures, is it really an ingredient of Chicken McNuggets? One of the biggest questions about McDonald’s food is about what…

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24 thoughts on “Our food. Your questions. What are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made of?

  1. CrustyMustard

    College Social

    So many conspiracy theorists on here shouting about GMOs and gluten…
    honestly, even if they did use pink slime or chopped up an entire chicken
    beak and all, it’s McDonalds. It’s cheap fast food. With as much scrutiny
    as they’re under, I don’t doubt their claims about being all white meat
    chicken and whatnot. At the same time, I’m not the kind of jerk that’s
    going to hold a health magnifying glass to a restaurant that makes dollar
    cheeseburgers. If you’re not going to believe what they say when they
    literally take you on a walkthrough of their processing plant, just don’t
    eat it. Go eat Subway and brag about how much better that cardboard bread
    is for you.

  2. Jenna O'Neill

    New Site

    If McDonalds’ is claiming to have nothing harmful in its food, then why are
    people getting overweight from it? I know people who feed their child
    McDonald’s every day and their child is overweight. He is only 9. I don’t
    eat McDonald’s. Anyway there was a case that McDonald’s used human parts in
    their food (not sure if it is true). I decided to never eat fast food
    especially McDonald’s ever again. This is such bull crap that they think
    they can trick people into thinking there are no chemicals/ nothing bad or
    harmful in McDonald’s food. Oh and btw the child eats healthy other than

  3. Icewind007

    Repo Auctions

    I cannot believe the stupidity and ignorance that I see in theses
    comments… You’ve all been brainwashed into thinking certain foods are
    evil and yell like fools repeatedly without proof. Congratulations, you’re
    another of the ignorant masses that eats up sensationalist news.

    Stop blaming McDs for being fat, unhealthy, and uncultured. That’s
    completely your fault. Use your head and eat all foods in moderation like
    you should. McDs is no worse, and actually HEALTHIER, than most popular
    restaurants that you sit and stuff your faces in. 

  4. Zachary Henderson


    I’m so sorry to see Grant selling out for a video like this; this whole
    video was geared towards discrediting one photo — but other important
    issues exist that this video failed to address. Many of us would find it
    important to know, for instance, what the complete list of ingredients
    looked like; they failed to list it. Most-critically, though, the video
    fails to tell us what percentage of the total ingredients is actually

    When you and I make fried chicken at home, a little over 98% of the total
    weight of each piece is going to be actual chicken; 2% or less will be
    other things (oil, batter, etc).

    In the case of the McDonalds Chicken Nugget, it has been shown that 56% of
    the nugget is some manner of corn — which only leaves 44%; most studies
    that have examined the nuggets show that there is, on average, something
    like 40% actual MEAT in each nugget.

    This video makes it seem as though nuggets are mostly chicken — they
    completely gloss over the quantities of the other ingredients. Why are
    chicken nuggets so unhealthy, even when they contain only “good” chicken
    meat? Simple: the chicken is a relatively small percentage of the overall

    Viewer beware — maintain your skepticism at all times!

  5. Brandon Kelley

    Mick jagger

    Mcdonalds- Why do you not show how your chickens are treated? Crammed in
    small cages for eggs, Genetically modified so they can’t walk after 2 weeks
    old because their bones break. Lets show whats really in your food. You
    continue to just lie and use marketing to scam america, mostly.


  6. Josh morales

    Earnings Calendar

    All of these comments are ridiculous. While watching this video, I was
    eating a 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets myself with their own fries and a sprite.
    And seeing this, shows real proof that they do not use Pink Slime. If they
    did, I’m pretty sure the federal government wouldn’t allow it. 

  7. Michele W


    People are going to attack McD’s because they have the largest revenue
    stream in the fast food industry. Top dog will always be a target. I
    don’t have a problem with their food. They have healthy food choices I
    could choose from, but most times I opt for fries and a burger with double
    cheese…..I don’t get sick from it and I CHOSE to eat it. If you have a
    problem with McD’s, DON’T EAT THERE.

  8. Luke Gregson

    independent search

    People, if you believe this garbage, you are really gullible. When
    McDonald’s says there food is “100%” beef or chicken, that means there is
    no pink slime or anything weird in their burgers, but it doesn’t mean there
    are any weird parts of a cow in the burger. The term beef means anything
    part of a cow, not only the meat. So who knows? They could have leather or
    organs of a cow in the burger. Don’t believe me? Google it.

  9. FreakOfDeath666

    secret proxy

    If you look real close you can see a dead human infant hanging among the
    chickens; micky ds uses dead infants in their mcnugets, so they really
    should call them “dead infant mcnuggets” and the slogan should be “this
    might be your missing child”.


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