McDonald’s Mini Happy Meal – Complete Toy Food Maker Collection! asked:

Mini Happy Meal! Here is the complete set of 8 McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic Happy Meal Maker Sets! Buy Here ▷ Lucky …


25 thoughts on “McDonald’s Mini Happy Meal – Complete Toy Food Maker Collection!

  1. NightFury 1169


    I watched you for the first time a couple of years ago when i was 9 and i
    forgot the name of your channel and now I’ve found you again! And I’m so
    happy i did find you again 

  2. Anita Lawrence

    english lit

    The fact that the U.S.A happy meals included 6 nuggets, and like 3 cookies
    is INSANE! Here in Canada it had always been apple slices, or a small fires
    with a yogurt tube as desert! The main meal or course was only 3 nuggets,
    or one small burger! Just is eye opening to how unhealthy the world is.. 

  3. Sydnee Bowe

    Auto Shippers

    i got the same set for christmas the whole thing and i was so happy i
    watched all the vids and i tryed the recipes and it came out just fine. so
    what im trying to say is im defiantly hitting that like and subscribe


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