McDonald’s Mini Happy Meal – Complete Toy Food Maker Collection! asked:

Mini Happy Meal! Here is the complete set of 8 McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic Happy Meal Maker Sets! Buy Here ▷ Lucky …


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    win apple

    Here it is…the complete collection of Happy Meal Makers!

    ** Which is your favorite one? Leave a comment below **

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  2. NightFury 1169


    I watched you for the first time a couple of years ago when i was 9 and i
    forgot the name of your channel and now I’ve found you again! And I’m so
    happy i did find you again 

  3. Anita Lawrence

    english lit

    The fact that the U.S.A happy meals included 6 nuggets, and like 3 cookies
    is INSANE! Here in Canada it had always been apple slices, or a small fires
    with a yogurt tube as desert! The main meal or course was only 3 nuggets,
    or one small burger! Just is eye opening to how unhealthy the world is.. 

  4. Sydnee Bowe

    Auto Shippers

    i got the same set for christmas the whole thing and i was so happy i
    watched all the vids and i tryed the recipes and it came out just fine. so
    what im trying to say is im defiantly hitting that like and subscribe

  5. Maria Victoria I.G. Sampaio


    is real food ? yes or no?
    I love this channel, and I am Brazillian . kisses sings: Mv.
    PS: I know English, but , I used the google translator to write.(laughs)
    .kkkkk ! KISSES , bye!


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